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Intuitively Review and
Interact in One System

Clients manage themselves with a Digital Tax Organizer (one for each tax return). We visualize the tax preparation process and track their responsibilities throughout.

Clients and their Tax Preparers both have ownership in the process, so they complete their responsibilities.

Secure Messaging

Eliminate emails and keep all communications centralized, organized, and in context with tax returns.

By streamlining your communication process be ready for any scenario that requires handling all of your tax documents.

Return Review,
Commenting &

With our proprieary Print2Cloud, your draft tax returns are uploaded by your Tax Preparer from their tax software into your Tax Organizer. In Repositax you can review, make direct comments, and authorize your tax returns all in one place. Eliminating emails and misunderstandings.

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are incorporated into the system, beginning with the Engagement Letter and documenting your confirmation of filing on the e-File Authorization Forms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay to use Repositax?
No, the system is free of charge for Taxpayers (Clients). The system is paid for by Tax Preparers. Our ask of Taxpayers is that you invite your Tax Preparer to share with them your workspace. This is how we get the word out about our system.

Why should I use Repositax
Repositax centralizes the entire tax preparation process from date management to document storage to messaging to tax return review. Your side of the workspace belongs to you, so it is also portable.

Does Repositax provide anything else besides tax prep management?
Yes, we have built in educational tools to teach Taxpayers how to manage their side of the process, including how to review your draft Tax Return. We are also building a Calendar and a Resources section to provide you with even more benefits.

How can I let my Tax Preparer know about Repositax?
Once you log in, you will see a blue ‘Invite a Tax Preparer’ button. Click this button and enter the email address of your Tax Preparer. Once they accept, they will see your workspace and can begin interacting with you to complete your next Tax Return.

Other System Benefits

Calendar Management


Entity Management

Global Document View

Invoice Management




Draft Management