Escape the Tax Prep
Black Hole

Track and manage all of your clients within one Global Dashboard. The Global Dashboard tracks the progress of all Clients across your firm. Pull the status of your Clients out of the ‘black hole’ and see them in real-time.

Digital Tax Organizer

Your Clients manage themselves with a Digital Tax Organizer (one for each tax return). We visualize the tax preparation process and track their responsibilities throughout.

The Clients have ownership in the process, so they complete their responsibilities.

Document Collection
& Tracking

We provide the Clients with a Tax Return Review Process whereby we teach them how to review their returns. 

Digital signatures are incorporated into the system, beginning with the Engagement Letter and documenting your confirmation of filing on the e-File Authorization Forms.

Communicate Securely
With Your Clients

Eliminate emails and keep all client communications centralized, organized, and in context with tax returns. By streamlining your communication process you’re ready for any scenario that requires handling all of your client’s tax documents.

Return Review,
Commenting &

Upload draft tax returns from any tax software into your Client’s Tax Organizer with our proprietary Print2Cloud feature. We provide your Clients with a Tax Return Review Process whereby we teach them how to review their returns.

Easily consolidate all comments, manage drafts, and provide Clients a way to digitally sign their e-File Authorization forms.

Engagement Letter & Payments

Digital signatures are incorporated into the system, beginning with your Engagement Letter and documenting Client confirmation of filing on the e-File Authorization Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Repositax increase the valuation of my tax practice?
The valuation that you achieve at the time of a sale or merger will depend upon the number of Clients that transition post-transaction (usually over a three-year period). By that time, you will want to have all your Clients trained to interact with a technology system for the Administrative portion of your relationship with them. Repositax provides a consistent experience for your Clients during the transition period. The more Clients that successfully transition, the lower the transition expenses, and the higher the valuation (payout) that you realize.

Why does Repositax believe it is ‘painful’ to be on the Client side?
The reason is because all of the software and technology in the tax industry is designed to address the needs of the Tax Preparer and, at best, the needs of the Client are an afterthought (like throwing in a portal or task reminders). No application was ever previously designed from the outset to address the needs of the Clients.

How does Repositax solve this design problem?
We set out to design an application that benefits the Clients as much as the Tax Preparers. We balanced the benefits and features 50/50, so the Client would actually be engaged in the process and has ownership for their part. Our solution to this problem is an Interactive Shared Workspace that sits between the Tax Preparers and their Clients with an identical view on both sides that visualizes and manages the interactions.

Why is Repositax so easy to use?
We broke down the tax prep process into six phases. We didn’t create any phases. We just visualized the phases that you (Tax Preparer) and your Client already know and experience. By visualizing them and assigning responsibilities along the way, it is more efficient for the Client to follow along, get engaged and take ownership in that process.

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